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The Organizing Committee Meeting of the Second China-CEEC Expo & International Consumer Goods Fair was held in Beijing

The Organizing Committee meeting of the second China-CEEC Expo & International Consumer Goods Fair was held in Beijing on April 25. Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and Governor of Zhejiang Province Zheng Shanjie attended and addressed the meeting. Vice Minister of Commerce Zhang Xiangchen chaired the meeting. Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province Zhu Congjiu briefed on the preparations of the Expo and Mayor of Ningbo City Qiu Dongyao introduced the services provided by the city to support the Expo.

As pointed out by Minister Wang, in February this year, President Xi Jinping chaired the China-CEEC Summit and delivered a keynote speech, in which he proposed major initiatives for China-CEEC trade and economic cooperation. It is important that we earnestly follow through the spirit of President Xi’s important speeches and strive to deliver a successful China-CEEC Expo this year. Holding the Expo is a major step to foster the new development paradigm. Serving as an important platform to advance high-quality development of China-CEEC trade and economic cooperation, the Expo helps to boost importation from CEE countries. Minister Wang required that relevant departments and local authorities must put epidemic prevention first while proceeding with preparations, in a bid to deliver a high-standard, high-quality and high-level Expo this year.

Governor Zheng Shanjie said that Zhejing Province would commit to efficient collaboration, strive for excellence and make all-out efforts to make the second China-CEEC Expo a success. Zhejiang would amplify the effects of the Expo to promote trade and economic cooperation and make headway in building the demonstration zone for China-CEEC trade and economic cooperation.

(All information published on this website is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only.)

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